The John Leist House at Dutch Hollow
The John Leist House at Dutch Hollow

Upcoming Projects

A 195-year old house requires a fair bit of maintenance:


-The upstairs bathroom was almost completely redone in the spring of 2022 (see before and after pictures in the gallery).


-We scraped and repainted the white picket fence on the west side of the house in the spring of 2022 (also shown in the gallery).


-The original front and side windows are in the process of being reglazed and repainted after decades of exposure to the elements.


-The original green shutters have been removed due to accelerated deterioration. We're currently looking for someone to restore them. The slats are in good shape but some of the frames need rebuilt.


-The original barn is structurally sound thanks to the efforts of the previous owners but it needs a good amount of restoration work. We're currently looking for a craftsman to do this work. If you have any connections to someone like that--including in the Amish country--please let us know!


-We have applied for inclusion of the John Leist House at Dutch Hollow on the National Register of Historic Places. It's a lengthy process but we're confident in the historic merits of the property, as at least two of his houses are already on the National Register.


New Website!

We're so happy to be able to share photos of the John Leist House at Dutch Hollow. Please contact us with any advice or questions.

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